The Salon Riviera creative team. Focused on you looking your best ever.

Victoria Tap | Hair Stylist & Owner

Easygoing, effortless beauty is Victoria’s signature style. Known for creating fresh looks clients can manage beautifully on their own at home, Victoria finds creative inspiration in everything from exquisite photographs to bad hair that she knows she can make fabulous. She loves seeing people walk out of the salon feeling better about themselves than they did when they walked in. As she likes to say, “beauty isn't just about having great hair- its about how great hair enhances a person’s inner beauty. If you feel good about yourself, your hair will shine.”

Hayley Stobo | Hair Stylist


Natural, beachy and feminine is Hayley’s style, and as a South Bay native, she seems to have a particular talent for perfect blonde highlights. But no matter what kind of hair a client has, Hayley’s signature is listening carefully to what they want, creating a great salon experience, and coming up with the right combination of color, cut and products to make their hair look, feel and behave its absolute best, every time.

Kristel Faulhaber | Hair Stylist

Kristel believes everyone deserves to leave the salon looking and feeling 100% beautiful. So she gives each client a change that makes it happen, whether it’s something small and simple, or a complete makeover.  Either way, Kristel makes sure her clients know what works for their hair, so they can manage their look at home easily.  She also makes sure that while they’re in her chair, they’re relaxed, comfortable and treated like royalty.


Laura Muller | Hair Stylist


An English city girl living the Beach Cities life, Laura brings an international point of view to the laid-back local style. Inspired by pop culture and the arts, Laura is constantly thinking about fresh, new ways to make her clients look their best. Focused on making her time with clients about more than just what happens in the chair, Laura likes to send every client out the door with a new styling technique or a new bit of product knowledge in their repertoire.



Maggie Williams | Hair Stylist

How many stylists can say their client lists include four generations of the same family? With Maggie’s trademark classic chic style, she keeps clients of every age looking on-trend, with a natural, easy and comfortable look. Inspired by the visually stimulating world around her and all the stylists at Salon Riviera, Maggie incorporates a bit of every influence into her work.


Christopher David | Hair Stylist 

Christopher’s modern, edgy style isn’t based on trends. He creates individual looks for each client after careful consideration of what they want, what their lifestyle demands, and an analysis of the common angle that runs through the client’s facial and body structure. Using this approach, Christopher’s clients get highly individualized hairstyles that look the way they should look on them, and only them.



Jolyn Tren | Manicurist

Offering a great range of manicure and pedicure services for every need and every kind of nails, Jolyn provides immaculate nail care of the highest quality. Nurturing, supportive and attentive to every client as an individual, Jolyn turns your manicure into a quiet, relaxing, totally enjoyable experience.



Karen O'Toole | Aesthetician

A former teen sun worshipper, Karen has used her own skin as a proving ground for stem cell therapy, peptides, advanced formulated retinols, and vitamin C, among other damage-reversing products. She knows what works, but she’s also inspired by the ongoing development of new regeneration, resurfacing and rejuvenating techniques, so Karen sees healthy skincare as a partnership, and she’s always on the lookout for the best of what’s new to offer her clients. Priding herself on going above and beyond the level of service you would receive at a spa, Karen makes sure her relaxing, results-oriented facials always provide an excellent value.